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Be Careful Here, Czech Fans! There is Already a Trailer And Release Date For The Third Season “Drive To Survive” On Netflix

Lord, you have looked me in the eye! Now is the time to plan the place and time to welcome the third season of “Drive to Survive”, the Netflix series that shows us a different and deeper vision of what is happening in the world of Formula 1.

Our suspicions have been confirmed, as it will be in the month of March when the third season is released. Netflix and Formula 1 itself confirmed that the new part will be released on March 19.

The premiere date is perfect to warm up engines, because for those days, we will be talking about what happens in the tests or free tests of the teams at the Bahrain circuit.

Checo Pérez could be the protagonist of “Drive to Survive”

In the same way, the first trailer of the series has been released, which in the past two seasons offered us a dozen chapters, each one focused on practically each team, except for the second season, in which Racing Point was not taken in account and therefore we saw almost nothing about Checo Pérez.

However, for the third part, the Mexican is expected to be one of the protagonists by living opposite faces during 2020. On the one hand, the complicated moments, when it was announced that he would be out of Racing Point, which gave his place to Sebastian Vettel, as well as his positive for coronavirus.

The other side, the positive, the return to the podium and his first triumph at the Gran Circo, as well as the end that many Mexicans expected, when he was confirmed as a Red Bull team driver.

Scenes we want to see

Will they also show the part where Alex Albon is notified that he would no longer be a Red Bull driver? Another point to pay attention to in “Drive to Survive” will be the dramatic moment of the accident of Romain Grosjean, a Haas pilot, who was practically uninjured from scenes that in other times might have claimed the life of the wheel.

For now, here is the first trailer, which feeds expectations, since it’s March 19!

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