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The Statistics Of Jake Paul’s Controversial Win Over Tyron Woodley ?

Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley by split decision, and here’s what the statistics say about his boxing triumph.

Jake Paul is one of the nascent figures of the sport, as the YouTuber has started his career in professional boxing with a record of 4 wins without losing defeat. Increasingly tough opponents are the ones he’s faced, like Tyron Woodley, this past weekend.

His opponents have gone from less to more, because first he faced another British YouTuber, later the former basketball player Nate Robinson and it is for his third fight in which he faced a real fighter, although not in boxing but in mixed martial arts.

Ben Askren would be his rival, and his performance left much to be desired, as he lost by knockout in the first round to Jake Paul. After the victory, it was Tyron Woodley who raised his hand to face the YouTuber, and he was not just any martial artist, he was a former UFC champion.

The fight was agreed to on August 29, 8 rounds of boxing are those that Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley had to face. The Youtuber trusted himself and predicted a knockout early in the fight, things were not as he wanted.

The fight between the YouTuber and Tyron Woodley

A bullied Jake Paul promised a knockout of Tyron Woodley, although he had never faced someone in his career with the striking technique like that of the former UFC fighter, so the fight took a different tack than Paul expected.

Jake Paul is not the most charismatic person in the world, as many of the fans wanted Tyron Woodley to knock him out and hit him at will, and although in the fight it was not like that, he did repeatedly connect in Jake Paul’s face.

Although there were also some moments when Jake Paul managed to connect Woodley several times, it was Tyron who managed to make the YouTuber stagger. The fight lasted the agreed 8 rounds and ended with a victory for Paul by split decision.

Why did Jake Paul win?

The judges gave Jake Paul a controversial split decision win, and while most fans wanted a win from Woodley for the blows he landed on Paul, the statistics show otherwise, and the judges were right.

According to ShoStats, Jake Paul led the statistics at all times in the fight against Tyron Woodley. He connected more jabs and in a better percentage, as well as power shots and obviously in total shots, for which a victory for the YouTuber no longer seems so far-fetched.

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