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Checo Perez Performed With Red Bull At The Bahrain Tests

Checo raced the Red Bull RB16B for the first time at the Bahrain tests, and we can’t wait for his first Grand Prix anymore.

The dream began! After long months of waiting, we were able to see Checo perform with Red Bull at the Bahrain tests. This is not an official debut, but a taste of what we will see in the season.

Formula 1 activity warms up with training. However, the Bahrain Grand Prix will take place on Sunday March 28, and the competition will start there.

Checo’s first approach with the RB16B of his new team took place a few weeks ago, but it was only a matter of recordings. Therefore, what happened this Saturday is the first taste of what we will see during the year.

The Mexican’s morning session placed him in third place, and he completed 39 laps. The best of these came in 1: 32.478, just .263 behind Daniel Ricciardo, who posted the best time at the opening of the second day of practice.

At 31 years old, Sergio Pérez is about to turn 10 in Formula 1, amid atypical seasons and the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Checo has already been vaccinated against this disease and will be able to run safer.

This is how the tests of Checo Pérez were lived


Minutes before entering the track, Checo adjusted all the details together with his new team to start his tests in Bahrain. In passing, Red Bull highlighted how well its colors suit the Mexican.

Images on the slopes of Bahrain

From Red Bull Racing to Formula 1, they welcomed Checo. As time and laps progressed, the Jalisco settled down in the RB16B and gained ground in one of the first classifications with his new team.

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