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Date, Venue And Format: This Will Be The Soccer Draws For The Olympics Games

As Concacaf teams scramble for a place at Tokyo 2020, FIFA unveiled how the draws to define the Olympic Games’ soccer groups will take place.

The governing body of football will be in charge of the event in the men’s and women’s branches. However, their tournament only has 12 participants, and theirs increases to 16 national teams.

Sarai Bareman, Director of the FIFA Women’s Soccer Division, and Jaime Yarza, Director of the FIFA Tournaments Branch, will be in charge of sorting out the future of the 28 teams.

In the draws for the Olympic Games, we will experience great emotions. These provide players, coaches, and officials, an opportunity to advance with their preparations, “explained Bareman through a statement.

When and where?

The draws that will define the soccer groups at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games were scheduled for Wednesday, April 21. At that time, all the participants will be known; for now, there are only 14 qualifiers for the men’s tournament and 10 for the women’s tournament.

The headquarters will be the FIFA facilities, located in Zurich, Switzerland. The event will begin at 10:00 a.m. local time (3 a.m).

This is the format of the draws for the Olympic Games

Men’s Sortero: Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Arabia, Australia, Ivory Coast, Egypt, France, Japan, New Zealand, Korea, Romania, and South Africa are already qualified for Tokyo 2020.

The draw for the Olympic Games is carried out with 4 pots, each with 4 teams. To assign the place in the pots, FIFA uses a criterion of points that are counted through each national team’s results in the last fair.

Participation from Sydney 2000 and thereafter until reaching Rio 2016 is taken into account. In addition, the team that has won the qualifying tournament of their confederation gets extra points.

The only team that is guaranteed a spot is a host, this time Japan. In automatic, the Japanese go to pot number 1, and from then on, everything is in the hands of mathematics.

Women’s draw: In this case, the placement method changes, and the FIFA ranking is used, which will be released on April 16. The 2 teams that occupy the highest places on the list will go to Pot 1 with the hosts.

Zambia, Australia, Japan, Great Britain. The Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, and Brazil have already qualified. 2 places are pending, to be defined in the Asian Confederation and a playoff.

The Republic of Korea and China will play 2 games in April. For its part, Cameroon will face Chile in a round trip series; the duels will take place in Turkey on April 10 and 13.

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