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Great Gesture! Xolos Supports An Engineer Who Seeks To Study At NASA

Xolos took advantage of its platforms and impact to support Fernanda Sandoval, a future engineer who needs to pay for her studies at NASA.

All help is important! The Tijuana Xolos put soccer aside for a while to support Fernanda Sandoval, an aeronautical engineering student who was accepted into a prestigious NASA program.

Fernanda is 22 years old and is in the eighth semester of her degree at the Technological Institute of Tijuana. However, you need $ 3,360 to attend the International Air and Space Program.

For this reason, Sandoval and his family sell chocolates during the weekend. Xolos took the opportunity to go with his pet, the Xolo Mayor, who toured the Cuauhtémoc roundabout in Tijuana to do his bit on the way to NASA.

Through its social networks, the club spread the images of this Saturday. In them, the student and the posters she made to explain her dream are appreciated.

According to information from El Imparcial, Fernanda Sandoval Bojórquez not only dedicates herself to studies. She already works in a company, in which she will also do her professional internships, and the NASA program would boost her even more.

This will be held in April of this year in Huntsville, Alabama, with students between the ages of 12 and 25. Since there are only 60 places, Fernanda paid $ 300 as registration, but the other amount has to be paid to cover all the expenses of the course.

The goal is still a bit far away, so if you live in Tijuana and support Fernanda Sandoval, she will continue with chocolates’ sale next Saturday, February 27.

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