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Which Teams Will Open Their Stadiums In The 2021 MLB Season?

Interesting! Ahead of the start of the 2021 MLB season, it has already been confirmed that 24 of 30 teams will have fans in their stadiums.

The return of baseball is getting closer and closer! And unlike last year, several stadiums will receive fans for the 2021 MLB season, whose Opening Day will be played on Thursday, April 1.

Vaccination in the United States boasts a good pace and this, added to health protocols, is already bearing the first fruits. The preseason, better known as Spring Training, began at the end of February with open stands. In 2020, some postseason games and even the World Series were held in the same way, with controlled capacity. For this reason, at the start of the 2021 campaign, “play ball” will be shouted with the help of the fans.

What teams open and with what capacity?

For now, 24 of 30 teams have already announced that they will open their stadium doors during the 2021 MLB season. Almost all will do so with low attendance figures, unlike the Texas Rangers, who are looking at 100 percent capacity.

If this continues, Globe Life Field will receive up to 40,300 people from April. It is important to remember that a few days ago, the Texas government lifted restrictions against the coronavirus, including face masks’ mandatory use.

After the Rangers, the team with the highest attendance figures will be Baltimore. The Orioles will limit fan attendance to 50 percent, which equates to approximately 23,000 attendees.

On the list are the Colorado Rockies at 42 percent (21,000 people), the St Louis Cardinals with 32 percent (14,600 fans), the Cincinnati Reds at 30 percent (12,700 attendees), and the Cleveland Indians with the same percentage, but its equivalent is 10 thousand 500 people.

The rest of the full list:

  • Kansas City Royals at 30 percent: 10,000 fans
  • Miami Marlins at 25 percent: 9,200 attendees
  • Milwaukee Brewers at 25 percent: 10,475 people
  • Arizona Diamondbacks at 25 percent: 12,000 fans
  • Los Angeles Angels at 20 percent: 8,600 attendees
  • Los Angeles Dodgers at 20 percent: 11,200 people
  • Chicago Cubs at 20 percent: 8,300 fans
  • Chicago White Sox at 20 percent: 8,100 attendees
  • Oakland Athletics in percent: 9,400 people
  • Philadelphia Phillies at 20 percent: 8,600 fans
  • Pittsburgh Pirates at 20 percent: 7,600 attendees
  • San Diego Padres at 20 percent: 8 thousand people
  • San Francisco Giants at 20 percent: 8,250 fans
  • Toronto Blue Jays at 15 percent: 1,275 attendees
  • Boston Red Sox at 12 percent: 2,500 people
  • New York Mets at 10 percent: 4,200 fans
  • New York Yankees at 10 percent: 5,400 attendees
  • Detroit Tigers at 2 percent: 1,000 people

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