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Adebayo Resolves The Heat-Nets Over The Horn

Miami wins without Butler against the Nets with 30 points from Shamet and injury to Durant.

The Miami Heat needed victory. Those playing Spoelstra for the sixteenth time this season without Jimmy Butler. They hadn’t done well without the forward so far. Negative record without its natural leader. And the rival was the Brooklyn Nets. The thing was not to shoot rockets. And yet they were thrown away thanks to Bam Adebayo.

The result was 107-107. Goran Dragic had balanced the score with 43.6 seconds left. He had missed a triple Kyrie Irving. Everything was even: 107-107. Ball for Miami Heat. Quite a crowd in the stands for the pandemic canon. There were a few seconds left. The ball for Adebayo. Mark of the experienced Jeff Green. And Adebayo thought it was his moment. He lived it as if it were. And it was.

Adebayo faced one on one calmly. He penetrated from the left side of the basket. He struck lightly to achieve the insignificant gap that allows a good shot to be facilitated. And with a close shiver, he certified the local triumph. About the horn. To the great rejoicing of all his companions.

Miami won a game that was more than complicated in the final quarter. A 0-13 run turned the score around. And put the 99-105 on the light. From there, Miami’s 10-2 final partial to end the game. With Trevor Ariza and Goran Dragic making important baskets. With Adebayo scoring 6 points in the last 4 minutes of the game and deciding.

Adebayo finished with 21 points, 15 rebounds and 5 assists. His pending subject was in the losses (7). But all was forgotten with his winning basket on the horn.

Heat had 18 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists to the Slovenian Dragic. With 17 points and hit from the triple to Kendrick Nunn. With 15 points and 9 rebounds to the new starter Trevor Ariza. He played 35 minutes. Andre Iguodala started in place of the absent Butler. And good minutes from newcomer Dewayne Dedmon. The pivot had 10 points and 10 rebounds in 15 minutes. And 8 of those 10 points came from the free kick!

Brooklyn faced the game without James Harden. And he lost in the first exchange to Kevin Durant. Any caution with Durant is low. In the first quarter, his left thigh was damaged. In a coup with Ariza. A shame, because the game started on. He only played 4 minutes and already had 8 points.

The great Nets player was Landry Shamet. This is a player that is often underrated. Today he silenced all those who do not notice him. He added 30 points and 7 triples. He made 10 of his 15 field goals.

Kyrie Irving did not have his most graceful match. He had 20 points and 9 assists. It lacked the electricity of other nights. He was not fine in the shot (6 of 19). And Blake Griffin was the starter. He was in action for 26 minutes. It was shown in diesel mode. He’s so far from his best self …

The match started with a triple festival. Up to 15 scored between both teams in the first quarter. But if it was characterized by something, it was by tremendous equality. With two well-differentiated parts. Looser in defense the first. The second is more demanding in rearguard work. Everything to lead to a tight ending. It could not be otherwise seen over the course of the game. A tight finish that gave Miami a break. And that moves the Nets a little bit away from the Sixers.

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