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Boston Takes Air After Exceeding 43 Points of Jokic

Argentine Facundo Campazzo shines in his first NBA start

The Boston Celtics took to the air after losing back-to-back unexpectedly to the Pistons and Wizards, two lowest-end teams in the Eastern Conference. The team of Brad Stevens took advantage of Denver’s numerous casualties to get out of the way.

Victory 112-99 despite 43 points from Nikola Jokic, who scored another impressive game. All this in a meeting that the Argentine Facundo Campazzo will always remember, since he lived his first title in the NBA, a title that suited him very well.

The Celtics changed the chip, especially in defense, which clearly improved the benefits of previous games.

Jaylen Brown was the best local with 27 points, despite losing 7 balls. During certain phases of the match, it was a pylon hammer that undermined the visiting defense. On another unfortunate shooting night, Jayson Tatum went to 21 points and 8 assists, and Kemba Walker had 17 points after a remarkable start to the game that faded as the minutes passed.

But the important thing for Boston was to see how the team can count on its young players, players who have to progress. Robert Williams III was very good (8 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 recoveries), Payton Pritchard worked again (8 points, including a phenomenal 2 + 1 in the fourth quarter, and 7 assists), and he began to show what the rookie is like Nesmith (9 points and 4 rebounds in 24 minutes, and an impressive stopper to Hampton ), three young men who notably strengthened the game of the team’s second unit.

Boston survived countless turnovers, although Denver was not far behind in that chapter of the game. Almost 40 losses between the two teams, although it must be recognized that he defended himself in this game, not like in many others.

Enough Denver did with holding out the game until almost the end. Nuggets showed up in the Garden with a lot of casualties, serious casualties. They did not play Paul Millsap, Will Barton, Gary Harris, Mount Morris, and PJ Dozier. That’s why Michael Porter Jr.’s offensive silence became more painful. An entire army of casualties that allowed Campazzo to start and play no less than 40 minutes, being the player who spent the most minutes on the court of all those who jumped on it.

Again immeasurable Nikola Jokic, who signed his third game of the season with more than 40 points. The Serbian made 43 points with 16 of 23 on the field goal. A past to see him play.

Neither those 43 points nor Jamal Murray’s 25 nor Campazzo’s excellent numbers saved Malone’s. The Argentine had 15 points and 8 assists, chaining two 15-point games against the Lakers and Celtics in 48 hours, a luxury.

On the negative, very negative side of Denver, Porter Jr. ‘s game A night to forget: 0 points with 0 of 8 on the shot! Disastrous performance.

The first quarter finished 30-26, with Jokic and Murray scoring 24 of their team’s 26 points.

Come the second period, the Celtics reached their maximum advantage of the game, a +15 (48-33) after a basket from rookie Pritchard, who continues to pull self-confidence on the court.

Denver was just Jokic, Jokic, and more Jokic. A wonderful basketball monologue very badly endorsed by his teammates. Campazzo scored his first points, 5 in a row, and Jamal Murray a triple to complete a 6-19 run that put the score at a tight 54-52, reaching the break with a 59-54 in which Jokic had already scored 29 points with 10 of 12 in the shot by the 25 of the rest of his teammates with 10 of 28.

In the third quarter, Nuggets got to a point (74-73), but could never turn the score because Jaylen Brown responded with two triples that made it 80-73 and disarmed the rival’s growth.

Score of 86-75 at the end of the quarter took advantage of Boston that Jokic had to sit down to rest in the final part, a Jokic who was already at 39 points by then.

The last quarter served to see the best Campazzo (8 points in the final quarter) and attend a great exercise by the Celtics to maintain the advantage without trouble.

The final two minutes were entered with 106-96 in the light, and then Tatum entered the kitchen with the greatest of facilities, through the center of the painting, unopposed, like Pedro at his house, to put the 108- 96 and expose that Denver no longer had the game in sight, a game that was definitely staying at home.

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