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Dallas Mavericks Can With Irving’s 45 Points

Kyrie Irving’s best touchdown of the season; Brooklyn Nets’ worst streak of the course. A sad paradox for Irving. Dallas could with a huge Irving. Unleashed the point guard with 45 points. His game is prodigious. 113-109 local victory to leave the Lakers behind.

Dallas Mavericks have already played every game against the Brooklyn Nets this season. And he has won them all. Sweep in the duels between these two teams. And in the general field, Brooklyn now accumulates 4 defeats in a row. And he falls behind in his fight with the Sixers.

The game had two distinct parts. The first left us offensive game, and it was quite attractive. In the second, the defenses improved notably. But the game got muddy to unsuspected limits. The best example of this was the horrible third quarter that was lived in Dallas. A third quarter to forget on the part of the two contenders.

The end also had its crumb. Because Dallas insisted on complicating life. The hosts had gone 112-104 with 14 seconds left. But they almost end up giving the game away. Irving made a quick triple (112-107). Dallas turned the ball over to a mistake by Luka Doncic. Jeff Green made it 112-109 from free practice. And there were still 6.7 seconds left. And it had to be Tim Hardaway Jr. who finally reassured the home fans by hitting a free throw (113-109). By then, former US President George W. Bush had left the pavilion. Bush walked the entire first half, chatting in the front row with Dirk Nowitzki.

Hardaway Jr., the author of that free ending, was crucial in the victory. He added 23 points and 4 triples. He looks very fine in the shot. And just as or more crucial than Hardaway Jr. was Dorian Finney-Smith. Partidazo yours. Excellent defensive work. And he also had 17 points and 8 rebounds. It was the local that played the most (39 minutes). And the one who had the best +/- of the Texan team with a +23.

Luka Doncic was also important, of course. He added 24 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists, and 5 triples. But it was not his best day in shooting. He finished 7 of 22 on the field and lost 6 balls. Nice defensive work on him. With a beautiful duel when his brand was Kevin Durant. The Slovenian was very careful not to angrily protest to the referees. He spoke with them more calmly than before. The sword of Damocles of the 16th technique weighs on him.

The Nets had an untouchable Irving. It’s nice to see you play. Good old Irving is a magician. Baskets of all colors were taken out of the hat. In the end, 45 points, 4 steals, 17 of 31 in the field, and 7 triples scored. He held his own in the game masterfully.

Kevin Durant took a toll on offense for his good defensive work. He had 20 points, 9 rebounds, and an unfortunate 7 of 21 on the shot.

Plus, Blake Griffin’s double-double in 27 minutes. Jeff Green and an active Bruce Brown made scoring double digits. Joe Harris didn’t shine. And Landry Shamet was denied.

The first half ended 63-62 after 37-32 in the first quarter. Irving already had 25 points by then. The game was, at that time, a party for the stars. Doncic was already at 19 points and Durant at 16. The second quarter was a festival of these three aliens. In the fourth, 15 points from Irving, 11 from Doncic, and 10 from Durant. Electric the game.

But the third quarter arrived, and the party was over. The two teams defended better, that’s true. But the game was clouded to unsuspected limits. Tim Hardaway Jr. gave a scare at first with one of his ankles. But he overcame the problem. It took the Mavs almost 5 minutes to score their first points. 19-21 split in 12 minutes. With Dallas at 6 of 21 shooting and 5 losses; with Brooklyn at 9 for 21 and no less than 7 losses. In this third quarter … 5 points from Irving, 1 from Doncic, and 0 from Durant. A fiasco for the viewer. A true catalog of errors. A general horror. But at least the emotion remained (82-83 at the end of the third quarter).

The party recovered its pulse somewhat in the last quarter. Although far from that second room full of beautiful executions. Powell was still playing a great game. Brown hurt on the offensive rebound. Durant and Doncic were still stung in the good sense of the term. With Durant very failed, yes. Finney-Smith did a great job on both sides of the court. And there was Irving, of course. An Irving who was in another galaxy. And the game led to a tight finish that Dallas took. Texans are already fifth in solo.

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