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Lakers Confirm Lebron James Sprain And Would Be Out Until Playoffs

The suspicions were confirmed. LeBron James suffers a sprained ankle and will be out of the court indefinitely, the Los Angeles team reported, after the loss against the Atlanta Hawks.

LeBron suffered a spectacular injury when Solomon Hill fell and unintentionally pried James’ right ankle, who rolled off the court with screams of pain.

“I’ve never seen him scream and frown like that,” Lakers player Kyle Kuzma said.

The Lakers star underwent an x-ray test, which ruled out a broken ankle, while an MRI confirmed the severe sprain.

“Nothing angers and saddens me more than not being available to and for my teammates! I am hurt inside and out right now. I will be back soon as if I was never gone,” said the 36-year-old.

When could LeBron James come back?

Although there is no forecast as such, The Athletic indicates that LeBron James could return to activity for the playoffs, as long as the evolution of the injury is favorable.

James’ injury occurs in eversion, meaning the ankle bends inward, often leading to a longer recovery period, so the Lakers would have to learn to live without LeBron for the remainder of the regular season.

LeBron missed the final part of the regular season in his first season in Los Angeles, and the Lakers were left without playoffs. From now on, the Angelenos will have to play without James and without Anthony Davis, who still requires two weeks to return to the court.

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