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Aaron Rodgers And The Low Blow That Caused An Interception Against Saints In The NFL Start

A low blow will never be good if you are QB of the NFL and causes an interception, which Aaron Rodgers learned in an ugly way.

We know that, to play in the NFL, you need an enviable physical display – no matter what position it is – and you have to have the ability to withstand all the blows that are given to them, enduring a blow in the noble parts should not be easy. Unfortunately, Aaron Rodgers learned it the hard way.

And you can say, Aaron Rodgers is no rookie to learn something after more decades at the top of the NFL, but yes, he learned that it is not easy to take a hit, because there are many who have not yet hit or had not given through Sunday the 12th against the Saints.

The Packers QB had a disastrous game at the start of the NFL regular season. He did not have a touchdown pass, and he did record two interceptions, but one of them was not his fault, or at least he thinks so and gives an explanation for it.

During the program “The Pat McAfee Show” on Tuesday, September 14, he gave a statement about one of the interceptions he suffered. Aaron Rodgers made a revealing and too painful confession, as he received a strong blow that took place him out of concentration.

Painful, “that’s how Aaron Rodgers described the blow that a couple of Saints players gave him directly in the family jewels, that is, a blow in the noble parts of the QB. We can understand the pain -because it is unbearable- and even make excuses, but that does not mean that the defeat by 38-3 is understood.

The Packers and Aaron Rodgers to shake off the embarrassment of week 1

The Packers’ score against the Saints was truly a surprise to everyone, as they came in totally different roles at the start of the season. Aaron Rodgers was the most feared trident in the NFL, along with wide receiver Davante Adams and running back Aaron Jones.

While the Saints left the era of Drew Brees behind, Jameis Winston was shaping up to be the commander of an offense, who, although he had Alvin Kamara, did not seem to have as many weapons as his rival, life gives you surprises, surprises give you life.

Rodgers, the fans, and the entire Packers franchise must close the horrifying chapter of Week 1 and think about rebuilding the situation, and they have an unbeatable opportunity. Monday night’s game will be between the Packers and the Lions.

It was a divisional game with a lot of history and with some Lions who did not like in their first game – neither did they – and with a Jared Goff who left more questions than answers throughout the NFL. This Monday, September 20, the game will be live at Lambeau Field at 7:15 pm, and the game will be broadcast on ESPN.

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