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Draft, Free Agency, And The Dates To Know For The Next NFL Season

With Tom Brady and Tampa Bay Buccaneers as Super Bowl LV champions, the 2020 NFL season closed, and although we have a few months to enjoy a game again, everything that surrounds the 2021 campaign begins earlier than expected.

The games may officially start until September, but the 2021 season starts much earlier with free agency, the 2021 Draft, and some changes that may arise between the participating teams.

Big changes await us for the new season and not only in terms of the players, but also in the calendar that could undergo modifications. We can tell you that the year begins on March 17.

Step by step of the 2021 NFL season

Franchise players: The designation of these players for the teams must be made from February 23 until March 9 and with a limit at 4:00 pm New York time.

Season start: On March 17, the new season officially begins, likewise at 4:00 pm New York time.

Start of training: April 5 will be the return of the coaches to training, while for the players, the sessions begin on April 19, and they will have to report with their teams to begin physical conditioning for the new season.

Free Agency: Everything begins on March 17, from this day you can start conversations with the players to take them to their teams, and the deadline for hiring is April 23.

Draft 2021: Everything will begin on March 1, the date on which college players have to declare themselves within the Draft, and the selection event will take place from April 29 to May 1.

Preseason: The games that will begin the preseason are planned to take place from late July through August.

Hall of Fame Match: The match that was planned to take place last year but, due to the pandemic, could not be carried out. On August 5 the Cowboys and Steelers will face off in the Hall of Fame game.

Regular Season Kickoff: Mark your calendars because September 9 is the date the NFL returns to action. The regular season will begin and will not stop until Super Bowl LVI in California.

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