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How Many Games Are The Bears Going To Win In Season 2021?

Even though we are only in June, as we already know the NFL calendar, we can discuss in the future about how each team is going to do during the new season. In this article, we bring you Ulises Harada’s analysis of how many games the Bears are going to win in Season 2021.

Bears stories to follow in Season 2021

To answer this question, we must first keep in mind several Chicago follow-up stories for this new season:

  • When will Justin Fields start? In this offseason, the Bears brought in QB Andy Dalton and guaranteed that he would be the starter for Week 1 of the new regular season, however, with the 11th overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, Chicago selected Justin Fields, who they expect him to be their franchise quarterback of the future. What will be the right time to see him play for the first time?
  • Matt Nagy’s level of “bacon factor.” In his three years as the head coach of this team, Nagy is 28-20, yet he is 0-2 in the postseason, and there are many doubts as to whether he is the right fit to exploit the talents of Justin Fields and the Bears.
  • Allen Robinson and… Who else on this offense? Allen Robinson has already shown us that he is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL; however, after him, Chicago’s depth chart is a problem; neither Damiere Byrd, Darnell Mooney, or Riley Ridley offer the reliability required to build a dominant offense. The only good accompaniment to Robinson is RB David Montgomery.
  • Do you still have an elite defense in the NFL? It is undeniable that the defense of this team is still good. However, it is entering this threshold where it will begin to age. They still have many dominant players, but age can work against them: Khalil Mack, Robert Quinn, Desmond Trufant, Tashaun Gibson, they are already in their 30s and sooner or later this defense will start to break down.
  • What does this team aspire to in 2021? It all depends on who your starting quarterback is. Hand in hand with Andy Dalton, the Bears will aspire not to be last in their division, not as bad as Detroit, but with Justin Fields, they could compete for second place with the Vikings and a postseason berth.

Chicago 2021 NFL Schedule

Some of the predictions for this team’s games in the 2021 NFL Season are:

  • Week 1: @ Rams, defeat
  • Week 7: @ Buccaneers, loss
  • Week 9: @ Steelers, win
  • Week 11: vs Ravens, loss
  • Week 13: vs Cardinals, win
  • Week 16: @ Seahawks, win

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