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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tom Brady once again named as Super Bowl MVP

Every winter, millions of Americans get together for one of the most anticipated events, the Super Bowl Sunday! It is the championship game of the NFL (National Football League) which is played in a different city every year. The game is played between the two best teams of NFL’s National Football Conference and American Football conference mostly in January or February. The first-ever Super Bowl was between NFL’s Green Bay Packers against the AFL’s Kansas City Chiefs back in 1967. The Packers came out victorious and defeated the opponents 35-10. 

The Hype is Real! 

When we say the most anticipated game, we really mean it! The Super Bowl Sunday has transformed into an unofficial holiday across America. Friends and Family gather at homes, restaurants, and taverns throughout the country. We start witnessing the hype even a week before the game. It has been observed that after Thanksgiving, people are likely to eat more food on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year. 

Super Bowl 2021: 

If you are an American Football fan, you must be really happy right now. We witnessed some of the best moments on Sunday, and we simply can’t get over it! Yes, this year has been challenging for everyone. The NFL season endured constant challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic. However, it ultimately led to a familiar ending. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the new champions after their stunning victory against Kansas City Chiefs (31-9). This is a second win by Bucs, and they have become the first-ever team to win a Super Bowl while playing in their home stadium. This marks an exhausting and exhilarating end to the NFL’s calendar. 

Tom Brady – the unstoppable

Following the Bucs 31-9 win over the Chiefs on Sunday night, the quarterback Tom Brady was once again named The Most Valuable Player of the Super Bowl! This is not the first time Brady has stunned the world with his incredible defensive skills, and it was his 5th MVP award (most by any player in history). Previously, Brady was named MVP while playing with the New England Patriots in Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII, XLIX, and LI. It is Brady’s seventh Super Bowls title in this 21-year career. Sounds incredible, right? Well, let us take a look at his performance last Sunday. 

Tom Brady performance in the Final: 

Just like always, Brady has been phenomenal in the finals. He completed three touchdowns and 21 passes for 201 yards. He was particularly successful over the middle and calmly passed the ball to his other teammates. His team forced the ex-champions into their worst offensive display, and Tampa Bay’s defensive front was in complete control of the game. In simple words, it was an incredible defensive performance, and they executed the game plan brilliantly! Even with all the challenges, Tom Brady still finished his 2020 season convincingly with 5694 yards, 16 interceptions, and 50 touchdowns. These numbers include his performance in the playoffs as well. 

What is special about this performance?

Well, Tom Brady is undoubtedly one of the most consistent players. His career is full of such match-winning performances. However, playing in front of a home audience in a Super Bowl must have been quite special for the 43-year-old quarterback! When Tom Brady made the decision of joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, many people had reservations. It was an inconceivable fact that he was going from a franchise with whom he secured 6 titles to the one that played only 6 playoff games back then. Another impressive thing about this win was that Brady’s partnership with the Bucs came at the start of this coronavirus pandemic, and he had only a little time to connect with his new teammates. The fact that he quickly adjusted to the new environment without affecting his game proves how good he is at his game!  

Final Verdict: 

Whether you are a Football fan or not, there is no way of missing out on the Super Bowl Sundays. Just like every year, the game was super exciting. The whole championships certainly belong to Tom Brady, who has already started deciding his off-season objectives. He truly is an inspiration for youngsters all around the world, and we should consider ourselves lucky to be alive in his era! 

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