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The NFL Will Review The Protocols Against Covid-19 In The Packers After Positive Of Aaron Rodgers

After several positives for COVID-19 in the Packers, the NFL alarms went off, and they will thoroughly review this situation.

In Green Bay, they will receive a visit from some people from the NFL, almost like at school when they were going to do a backpack check, but here the league will check if the Packers have been doing their homework in terms of COVID-19 protocols.

After Aaron Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19, The alarms went off at the top of the NFL’s organization chart because they don’t want the season to be put at risk by these kinds of problems.

That is why they will send some people to review what is happening in the Packers with the COVID-19 protocol, to reinforce everything that can be done and that there are no more positives in Green Bay, because how they have suffered and now we explain the reason.

In an NFL statement obtained by Tom Pelissero, they mention: “The main responsibility for the application of the COVID protocols within the club’s facilities rests with each club. Lack of proper application of protocols has resulted in the discipline being evaluated against individual clubs in the past. The league is aware of the current situation in Green Bay and will review the matter with the Packers.”

Positive for COVID-19 in the Packers

If you think that Aaron Rodgers is the only one who tested positive for the virus that has affected us so much in the last two years, the truth is that he is not. The Packers have suffered with these positives for several weeks, which is why the NFL is already taking action on the matter.

This Wednesday, November 3, the name of Aaron Rodgers was not the only one to appear on the list of discarded for week 9 by COVID-19, cornerback Isaac Yiadom, joined his quarterback in the said list and for the same reason. But, they have not been the only ones either.

Before week 8, which the Packers started on Thursday night against the Cardinals, Davante Adams, the team’s star receiver, could not participate due to being on the positive list for COVID-19 and for this week, neither He can be with the team, so he’s already missed two weeks of games.

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