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What To Do The Next 5 Months Without The NFL?

It seems like yesterday that we were watching Tom Brady lift his seventh Vince Lombardi making the Tampa Bay Buccaneers champions. Although the first Sunday of the NFL is the opportunity to rest and maybe do housework, as Sundays go by without the NFL, the question that all of us as football fans ask ourselves at this time grows more: what now will I do Sundays for the next five months? So much so that even Tom Brady himself raised it this Sunday on Twitter.

The banalest (or maybe even logical) answers that Tom Brady could give would be things like: watch movies, fix your house, rest, read or even discover a new hobby or sport that you can enjoy in these non-NFL times; but the reality is that, if they don’t seem like good enough ideas, there is always NFL to consume.

In addition to the full replays of the games that you can enjoy on NFL Network or Game Pass, there is still a lot of content during the offseason that, although they are not games, I am sure they will keep us on the edge of the seat for the amount of news that there will be.

First of all, the important dates of the league in the immediate plane: this week, the teams will be able to begin to designate the tag of franchise players whose deadline is March 9. Two weeks later, the year 2021 will officially begin for the NFL with the free agency period, starting on March 17, and we all know that these days are chaotic and full of great news due to the quantity and quality of players who leave, arrive or are kept in franchises.

Later, on April 29, the Draft of the 2021 season begins, which, in my opinion, is another of the events that remind us that the NFL is just around the corner and, in some way, it is wonderful that it almost happens in the middle of these five months. In addition to that, there will be many novels that are sure to give something to talk about:

  • The fate of JJ Watt
  • The future of Deshaun Watson
  • The QB situation of several of the league’s teams

I know that none of these options replace a Sunday full of live games, but it’s my way of comforting you a bit in the absence of the NFL on your Sundays. If you still feel a very big void and none of this convinces you, I propose the following: do marathons with different themes: your favorite SBs, the best matches of 2020, the Super Bowls of your team, the best matches of your team. There will always be NFL content to watch and relive; for example, the entire First and Ten content grid that won’t stop during this offseason.

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