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Why Is It Customary To Sing’ Sweet Caroline’ By NFL Diamond In Fenway Park, Home Of The Boston Red Sox?

Since 2002, ‘Sweet Caroline’ has thrills Fenway Park attendees during the eighth inning. If you don’t know why, we’ll tell you why.

Just as there are very important names for sports teams, there are moments that define their identity and bring them closer to their hobbies. The Boston Red Sox are an institution of great tradition, whether inside or outside Fenway Park, but especially when they are at home, the song ‘Sweet Caroline’ accompanies them in a very special way.

Almost by chance and by decision of a manager almost two decades ago, the fans await with great emotion the end of the top part of the eighth inning … And we will tell you why:

Why is ‘Sweet Caroline’ a Fenway Park tradition?

The story begins in 1997 with Amy Tobey, the woman who then played the music in the stadium. During a game that season, she decided to play ‘Sweet Caroline’ in Fenway Park because a person close to her had a daughter and named her Caroline.

Thereafter this success of Diamond was heard in the property occasionally. However, the arrival of Charles Steinberg as executive vice president for public affairs in 2002 changed everything.

The Red Sox played it from time to time, it wasn’t an anthem. I could hear the fans singing. Sometimes they played it at the end of the seventh or eighth inning; sometimes in the middle of the octave. I wanted it to be in the middle because you want your songs to sound when you approach the bat, “Steinberg himself explained to MLB.

So it was. From that moment on,’ Sweet Caroline’ plays before the eighth floor at Fenway Park and has a double objective. The first is pretty obvious: baseball parks turn into a real party as the game, so this tradition fuels the bond among Boston fans.

However, Charles Steinberg also thought about the possibility of going down on the board. In this way, he wanted the song to encourage the players to look for a draw or even the comeback for the last inning. And to add more excitement, Diamond himself was able to perform his song at the stadium a few years ago.

A tradition that surpasses the Red Sox

This exciting tradition even exceeds the sporty. The people of Boston are aware of its importance, but so are those who come to visit. And of course, there are times when the property hosts other types of events, such as the Jonas Brothers concert corresponding to the Remember This Tour.

The 3 brothers are baseball fans, and it is common to see them in stadiums, especially in the Dodgers stadium. However, they know the customs of other teams and took advantage of their visit to a packed Fenway Park to perform ‘Sweet Caroline’ accompanied by thousands of their followers.

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