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Old The Hills! 105-Year-Old Julia Hawkins Sets 100-Meter Race Record

Age is just a number, and Julia Hawkins proved it by running and setting a world record in the 100 meters at 105 years old.

Grandparents should last forever! Julia Hawkins proved that age is just a number and that it doesn’t matter if you are 30, 50, 90, or 105 years old; you can continue practicing sports and even set records in some competitions in which you can participate.

At 105 years old, Julia Hawkins is a sprinter and competed in a 100-meter race for her age group, but not only did she participate, but she also took it upon herself to set a new world record in this sprint event.

“Hurricane” as it is known Julia Hawkins showed that it is a hurricane, because it registered 1 minute two seconds and 95 hundredths in the 100 meters for people over 105 years old and over. This helped her to bathe her name in gold letters by having the record world in your name.

Hawkins competed in the competition during the Luisina 2021 Senior Games, which took place on Saturday, November 6. In an interview for USA Today, “Hurricane” mentioned that as a person gets older, the more passions they should have and careers, it is for them.

Staying active is one of my biggest passions. I believe in magical moments, thinking about the things you see and do and feel more than usual. They are absolutely out of this world, they are so unusual. And wonderful. Every run, it’s a magical moment, “added Julia Hawkins.

Julia Hawkins used to making history

If you think that the world record that Julia Hawkins achieved is a coincidence, then let me tell you that it is not like that, “Hurricane” has several records in its history and is a legend of life and of the Senior Games, and we will explain it to you immediately.

In 2017, “Hurricane” had already set a world record for running the fastest 100 meters for the 100-104 age category. That’s just to give them a blame that Julia Hawkins is an elite runner.

But her arrival in sports occurred when she was 100 years old, that is, she has talent in her blood. Her children registered her to the races, when she stopped biking 8 or 10 years before her 100 years. “When I started running, I discovered that it was a pleasure. I enjoyed doing it,” Hawkins told USA Today.

Julia Hawkins has a date with history, because these Luisina 2021 Senior Games were only a qualifier, for the National Senior Games that will be held in Florida 2022, but “Hurricane” is still wondering whether to attend or not.

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