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Schedules, Access, And Transport: Everything You Need To Know About The Red Bull Show Run In Reforma With Checo Perez

The atmosphere of Formula 1 begins to be felt in Mexico, and the good time of Checo Pérez makes this more special with the Red Bull team, which already had acceptance by the Mexican fans, but this 2021 looks to be spectacular with the Show Run Mexico on November 3 in Mexico City.

Checo Pérez will give a free exhibition at Paseo de la Reforma aboard the RB7, the car that Red Bull used in 2011, at the time of Sebastian Vettel, just as he did in Dallas, Texas, and here we tell you all you need to know.

What is the Red Bull Show Run?

It is an exhibition of the Formula 1 team in which Checo Pérez competes. The purpose of the event is to bring Formula 1 closer to the general public, regardless of whether they attend the weekend of November 5 to 7, Grand Prix at the Hermanos Rodríguez racetrack.

The event lasts four hours, and the main attraction is precisely Checo, who will give a few laps on Paseo de la Reforma aboard the car that Sebastian Vettel used in 2011. The car he will compete in the Mexican Grand Prix will be assembled and configured for the race.

In addition to the visual spectacle, at the time of the departure of Checo’s car, you must prepare your ears because listening to the roar of an F1 car is another show, so the recommendation is to wear ear protection.

Where is the Red Bull Show Run?

For this event, the road from the Paseo de la Reforma road between the Ángel de la Independencia roundabouts to the La Diana Cazadora roundabout will be closed, so if you use this road, take precautions and take other roads into account.

Will there be a COVID protocol?

Yes, and therefore you must wear face masks all the time, otherwise they will not let you pass.

“Masks will be required for all participants and event staff, and attendees are strongly encouraged to wear masks as well and keep a healthy distance,” says Red Bull.

How can I get to the Show Run?

If your option is to arrive by public transport, the metro stations that can bring you closer are Insurgentes (you walk on Genoa and you arrive at Reforma), Seville (you walk on Sevilla street, and you arrive at La Diana Cazadora), and Chapultepec (look for the exit towards Reforma, and you will arrive at the height of the BBVA Tower).

If your option is the Metrobus, the Reforma station leaves you right at the crossroads between Insurgentes and Reforma, so you will have to walk along the latter road. The Insurgentes station also drops you off (walk over Genoa to Reforma), as does Hamburg (go around or cross the Reforma 222 shopping center).

If your option is to arrive by private car, taxi, or transport service by application, then the access roads are the streets Río Tiber, Río Gudalquivir, Río Nile, Prague, Oxford, Warsaw, Lancaster, and Florence.

What time does Checo Pérez start and what time does Checo Pérez leave?

The meeting time is at 9:30 a.m., although the activities program is scheduled to start at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 3.

Here is the full program

10:00 National Kart Fight Final

11:00 Welcome to the public

11:20 Return of Mateo García

11:30 Red Bull Racing Car Lap 1 (Checo Pérez)

11:45 Show de Aaron Colton (Moto Stunt)

12:00 Red Bull Racing Car Lap 2 (Checo Pérez)

12:15 Benito Guerra Show (Rally)

12:30 Red Bull Racing Car Lap 3 (Checo Pérez)

12:45 Red Bull Battle Exhibition (Aczino)

12:50 Red Bull Racing Car Lap 4 (Checo Pérez)

13:00 Surprise act

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