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5 Points Why The European Super League Is Not As Bad It Seems

Although there are many doubts about being resolved, the European Super League has some points in its favor to establish itself as a continental tournament.

The creation of the European Super League put the world of football in check during the last hours. 12 of the most important clubs on this continent are spearheading a project that looks ambitious, but it provokes the anger of players, managers, and fans.

In fact, some elements such as James Milner have already spoken out against it, despite being part of Liverpool, one of the founding teams: “There are many questions to be resolved. I can only give my opinion: I don’t like it, and I hope it doesn’t happen,” said the Reds captain.

Among all the opinions on the subject, he highlights that the European Super League would be an attack on football as we know it. However, on the other side, there are also arguments that could make it a not so bad competition.

Save the economy of clubs in crisis

According to the latest statements by Florentino Perez, the European Super League is not just for its 12 founders. Regardless of who wants to join, the main objective is to rescue the European football economy.

This will help Barcelona, which is going through a bad economic situation. It cost me nothing to convince (Joan) Laporta because he is a sensible man. This saves football, which is going through a very delicate situation. If we don’t do something, it won’t last long,” said the president of this competition and of Real Madrid.

Another argument of Perez is that the new generations have lost interest in tournaments like the Champions League. Therefore, they seek to revolutionize competitions, arouse interest, increase income and win spotlights.

Very cool matches, all the time

There are 2 types of people in the world: those who enjoy all kinds of matches, whether they are between Second Division clubs or those who face teams from countries with a lower level. The rest stay with the giants of Europe and expect Real Madrid vs Liverpool, for example.

For the latter guy, the European Super League would be heaven. Regardless of when the founders live, they are considered the most interesting clubs most of the time, so we would have them and their figures every week.

Call to attention to UEFA

Among all the controversy that this generated, there is one thing that we are very clear about: UEFA and FIFA are not 2 white popcorn. Both organizations have undergone corruption scandals, but several clubs are dragging their nerves because they have ignored their requests.

The main issue is that of the FIFA Dates: the lack of support for friendly matches or the lack of attention that leads to injuries that make clubs spend cause great annoyance among managers.

We saw it a few weeks ago, most of the European teams did not loan players. The restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic and the games at the door, caused technicians like Jürgen Klopp to close this door; incidentally, it is important to remember that as things are, the German coach does not support the European Super League.

One more window to women’s football

According to the first information published by the European Super League, the intention is that the tournament is also reflected in the women’s teams. The problem is that if the men’s competition does not have a start date, theirs looks even more distant.

However, the clashes between European women’s clubs are very attractive and are attracting more and more attention. The UEFA Champions League competition has tightened, and this year ended an overwhelming dominance by Olympique Lyonnais.

The Women’s Super League (England), the Primera Iberdrola (Spain), and the Division 1 Feminine (France), boast an enviable level. In addition, they include international stars such as Tobin Heath, Pernille Harder, Alexia Putellas and Eugenie Le Sommer.

Possible infrastructure renovations

If the main objective of Florentino Perez and company is to rescue the economy, we could talk about improvements in stadiums or club facilities. Beyond all boasting luxury infrastructure, this could be a long-term benefit.

There is also talk of attracting the new generations, so they would enjoy the modifications or updates. However, all this is still in the air, they are possibilities that we do not know if they will be able to materialize.

Meanwhile, the aspirations are very high, and the main questions encompass the rest of football: Who will be the first brave to join the 12 founders? Will the European Super League really give a space to those considered as less privileged?

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