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In London, Fans Are Banned From Singing Anthems In Bars During England Vs Scotland

The European Championship also has its restrictions and does not forget COVID-19, so fans cannot sing anthems in bars in England.

Euro 2020 gives us, in addition to great matches, also historical rivalries that have been in existence for more than 100 years. The D group will see England measured against Scotland on Friday, June 18 at 2:00 pm, a party that was first meeting in 1872.

This match of Euro 2020 will be held in London, at Wembley Stadium and the selection of the 3 lions seeks to qualify for the next round with a victory over their rival, while Scotland, seeks to add their first points in the tournament.

One of the matches with so much history is normal that it arouses a lot of passion among the fans, but unfortunately not everyone will be able to see the game inside the stadium, but the bars or pubs as they are called in England will be available for all the fans, both there and English can see the meeting.

But before thousands of fans who will be present in London for the game, the owners and managers of the pubs will have to comply with certain rules so that they are not fined because, although there are already people in the stadiums and everything, there is still the irrigation by COVID-19.

A spokesman for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy told The Sun newspaper: “Public safety must remain our priority, and there is no change in the current direction. Pubs should continue to adhere to current advice, including keeping noise at a low volume and ensuring patrons remain seated and social distancing is maintained at all times.”

What are the rules that the bars must follow for the England vs Scotland game?

This pandemic does not allow everything to be possible, that is why not all fans will not be able to attend Wembley, but not everything has to do with those attending the stadium. Also, as we already mentioned, there are certain restrictions that the places where the games are broadcast must have, mainly the pubs.

As of May 17, England put new restrictions to keep the population protected during these times of COVID-19. One of the main ones is music, it cannot be live, or at a very high level, it will be prohibited in pubs and restaurants.

Goodbye to the bar, it will be canceled to sit, several tables cannot be reserved, and only table service will be allowed. Also, you can only allow a maximum of six people aged 13 and over for each table, that’s the way it is in England.

Another thing that fans will not be able to do is that they should not sing the respective anthems because they could generate a fine of almost a thousand euros to the establishment, so they will have to watch that iconic moment of their selections in silence.

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