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In The Midst of The Contract Scandal, Messi Responds With a Goal From a Free Kick Against Athletic Bilbao

In the midst of the scandal, the criticisms, theories, and accusations for Messi’s contract, the Argentine responded with a goal from a free-kick.

In the midst of criticism and accusations for the multimillionaire contract that was leaked and published by El Mundo, Lionel Messi responded with a goal from a free kick against Athletic Bilbao.

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo published a documented investigation of the contract that Messi signed in 2017 and that ends in June 2021, which gives him the opportunity to earn up to 555.2 million euros, including salary, image rights, and bonuses for performance and achievements.

The figure is almost half of Barcelona’s total debt, ​​which is in a delicate moment in economic matters, so the newspaper titled its publication as “Messi’s pharaonic contract that ruins Barça.”

Both the footballer and the club have already announced that they will act legally against the newspaper and against whoever is responsible for having leaked the information. Meanwhile, the South American footballer responded on the field with a goal from a free kick in the first 20 minutes of the game.

Messi’s goal with a free kick

The Argentine took advantage of a foul to demonstrate the dexterity of his left foot, with which he overcame the barrier, and although there was a player stuck to the post, Messi’s shot entered the goal through the only space to which neither the goalkeeper nor some other player.

However, the Barça party was turned off at the start of the second half, after Jordi Alba’s own goal in his attempt to cut a low center at 49 minutes.

After 70 minutes, Antoine Griezmann, got the goal that returned the advantage to the culé team, which in this way tied the 40 points of Real Madrid, so they share the sub-leadership.

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