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Sheriff, The team That Celebrations Its Triumphs With The Song About Maradona

Sheriff Tiraspol beat Real Madrid in the Champions League against the odds, and in dressing rooms, they listen to songs about Maradona.

We are all from Sheriff Tiraspol! The team that surprised locals and strangers in the first days of the Champions League has a very interesting story. In this edition of the tournament, he qualified for all the elimination rounds until he secured his ticket to the Group Stage.

In their first UCL match in history, the Moldovan club faced Shakhtar. Adama Traoré (not Raúl Jiménez’s teammate) and Cristiano, who is also not CR7, combined to open the scoring, and Momo Yansane did the same to increase the advantage against Shakhtar.

However, Sheriff Tiraspol gave us new unforgettable moments when facing Real Madrid. Nothing more and nothing less than at the Santiago Bernabéu and with a last-minute goal, the ‘Cinderella’ of the tournament grew up against the European giant until defeating him.

The beginnings of Sheriff Tiraspol

The Sheriff’s story is more recent than you may think. The club was born in 1997 and was founded by a security company, but it has the peculiarity that it belongs to the city of Tiraspol, the capital of the Republic of Transnistria, which is a state in Eastern Europe.

The funny thing is that this State does not have international recognition, but it is considered an autonomous region within the territory of Moldova, that is why it represents the country in the Champions League 2021-2022.

As we already mentioned, Sheriff was founded by a security company, which in turn was created by former agents of the Soviet intelligence service and has grown throughout history to cover sectors such as food, construction, and even the sporty.

Do you listen to songs about Maradona in the locker room?

It is not very difficult to understand, if you like soccer and regardless of the country you are in, Diego Armando Maradona is one of the most popular characters in soccer. So it’s not so surprising that they sing famous songs about Diego at the Sheriff.

In fact, there are several Latin Americans who are on the team. From Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, and Peru are some of the players that the team has. Gustavo Dulanto, from Peru, gave an interview to InfoBae on the subject of Maradona in the locker room.

They knew a little about Peru because 3 or 4 years ago Lokomotiv of Russia played, and Jefferson Farfán came and scored a goal for them. Obviously they know Argentina from Messi, and we play Diego’s music in the dressing room, and everyone knows it, “he said in that interview.

From Diego, they know that of Rodrigo ( the hand of God ). If they know Diego down under the water. Sometimes it is handled (the music) by Colombians who play their salsa, shock, or rock. When it’s my turn, I put everything, cumbia, I lived in Argentina for three years because I was in the lower schools of Rosario Central and I listen to Callejeros, Pibes Chorros, so you can hear everything. Also Peruvian music, my cumbia, and when it sounds, they begin to laugh because it is strange for them, “he added.

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