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The Premier League Donates 2,000 Defibrillators For Youth Soccer Teams

After the Christian Eriksen scare, the Premier League has taken over to donate defibrillators for youth soccer teams.

Unfortunately, an unfortunate event had to happen for action to begin across the world of football, especially in the Premier League. The collapse of Christian Eriksen in the Eurocup due to heart problems made people start talking about what is needed, in case something similar happens.

The situation that Christian Eriksen experienced was surprising for everyone because he had not given heart problems in his career; that is why the device that saved his life, a defibrillator, will be a fundamental part in the Premier League of what should be available for youth soccer playing fields.

That is why the Premier League has taken a step forward on this issue and is concerned about all the situations that may arise, which hopefully not, similar to that of Christian Eriksen, has decided to create a monetary fund for defibrillators.

According to a statement from the Premier League, the league will finance the provision of automated external defibrillators, also known as AEDs, for thousands of youth soccer facilities and teams with the aim of saving lives in the event of a player strike. 

More than 2,000 grassroots soccer institutions will benefit from the first 1,000 units of defibrillators that will be delivered for the start of the 2021-2022 season that starts in August, and the remaining 1,000 artifacts are expected to be delivered in September.

Preparation so that the personnel of the institutions can use the defibrillator

Despite the fact that defibrillators are designed to be easy to use, the Premier League will ensure that each institution that receives a defibrillator will have to have a person who necessarily completes the free course, which is taught online on sudden cardiac arrest. from The FA Education.

Premier League Chief Executive Richard Masters said in the statement: “The traumatic incident we all witnessed when Christian Eriksen collapsed during UEFA Euro 2020 highlights the need for defibrillators to be more available in the football community.

Sadly, a sudden cardiac incident could happen anytime, anywhere, and we hope that by allowing more facilities to have a device, it will make a difference in saving someone’s life,” Richard Masters added in the Premier League statement.

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