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UEFA Doctor Shares Eriksen’s Reaction After Being Revived

Christian Eriksen was treated not only by the Danish doctor, but also by Jens Kleinfeld, a German UEFA doctor who revived him.

When Christian Eriksen suddenly collapsed on the pitch during the Denmark-Finland match, the Danish team’s medical team entered the field, with Morten Boesen leading the way. Shortly after, given the seriousness of the situation, paramedics and the German Jens Kleinfeld, a UEFA doctor, entered.

Together, doctors treated Eriksen, who lost vital signs on the court and was resuscitated with cardiac massages and an electric shock thanks to a defibrillator operated by Kleinfeld.

Eriksen came back to life

The German doctor reported that 30 seconds after receiving the electric shock, the Inter Milan footballer opened his eyes. He had escaped death, and the doctor immediately contacted Eriksen as part of the procedure to find out if there were neurological sequelae after the collapse.

“About thirty seconds later, the player opened his eyes and I was able to speak to him directly. It was a very emotional moment since in this type of emergency, in everyday life, the chances of success are quite low”, he indicated in an interview with Funke and replicated by Bild.

“Are you back among us?” asked Kleinfeld, who got the answer he wanted and a bit more. “Yes, I am back. By God, I’m only 29 years old,” he mentioned. “In that instant I knew that his brain had not been damaged and that he had fully returned.”

No worries about relocation

The soccer player received the necessary care on the field so that until he was stabilized, he got on the stretcher with all the medical equipment to leave the field and be transferred to a hospital with all the guarantees.

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