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What Is It And How It Works? Christian Eriksen Will Be Operated On To Implant a Defibrillator

Christian Eriksen will be operated on to put an implantable carver defibrillator after the heart attack he suffered at the European Championship.

The news keeps coming with new topics about Christian Eriksen, his health is still the main concern about the Danish footballer, and after several examinations carried out by the doctors, he will have a special apparatus needed after his collapse at Euro 2020.

We are referring to an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) that will be necessary for Christian Eriksen, after the heart attack he suffered in the game against Finland. The Danish Football Federation reported this in a statement for social networks.

According to the Danish soccer body, Christian Eriksen was informed about the defibrillator he will have to use and accepted this solution. This treatment was the one recommended by specialists from the Danish medical corps.

We urge everyone to give Christian and his family peace and privacy for a while,” was the last message that the Federation gave about the situation that the midfielder and Eriksen’s family have experienced towards fans and sports media.

What is an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) and how is it implemented?

This defibrillator, according to the MedlinePlus portal, detects rapid and potentially fatal heartbeats. These abnormal beats are known as arrhythmias. This defibrillator helps to deliver an electric shock to the heart as quickly as possible, which will change the rapid rhythm and return it to normal.

The way the ICD will be placed, in this case in Eriksen, first the area of ​​the chest wall below the clavicle will be anesthetized, this to prevent the patient from feeling pain. Second, an incision will be made through the skin and will create the space under the skin and the muscle for the ICD generator.

The ICD generator space is made near your left shoulder most of the time, where the lead will be placed into a vein, and then into your heart. This is done using special X-rays to see inside the chest, and the electrodes will then be attached to the pulse generator and pacemaker.

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