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Who Blames The Eurocup For Increased Infections By Covid-19

The World Health Organization is looking at the Eurocup for being one of the causes of the new rates of infections in Europe.

The Eurocup has fulfilled his footballing expectations in every way, as it has given us great games and emotions, but not all that glitters is gold, because along with the high level of play, there are also situations outside of football that the tournament and has to do with the issue of contagion.

According to the WHO, the Eurocup has ended with a 10-week decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases in the 53 countries of the European region. Well, in recent weeks the number of cases increased by 10% thanks to trips, meetings and the relaxation of some social measures in the Eurocup.

With the Delta variant evolving rapidly, the WHO is concerned for all the fans and the people who were with the attendees at the Eurocup, because despite the efforts of some countries, there are still millions of citizens who are not vaccinated.

In a WHO survey, for the month of August -that is, in a few days- Europe will be dominated by the delta variant, which means that when the eighth month of the year arrives, some people in the old continent will not even have their first dose of vaccination, but also for August there will be fewer restrictions in every way.

This is where the bad news comes in, as the 3 conditions for a new wave of excess hospitalizations and deaths will be met. These 3 conditions are: New variants of the virus, more social concentration, and a deficit in the vaccination of the population.

Measures proposed by the WHO for fans attending the European Championship

After reading this note, we can know that the pandemic is far from over, at least for Europe where the delta variant is attacking, such as the Danish fans who were in the Eurocup, so the WHO does not want to throw a bucket of water cold, but there is something to that.

So Dr. Hans Henri Kluge, WHO regional director, gave some recommendations to take care of the delta variant. First, assess the risks and travel safely, use the masks at all times, whether indoors, outdoors, and in crowds.

Actions that WHO is taking in these cases

Because not all are recommendations and more against this pandemic, the WHO has a new monitoring tool to track the rates of COVID-19 in the cities that still host the remaining matches of the Eurocup.

This exploration tool is designed so that authorities, tournament organizers, and fans understand the situation of COVID-19 in the host cities and can assess the risks when attending these cities.

Epidemiological trends in the city, an event-based surveillance system, details of social and public health measures, as well as monitoring of COVID-19 cases in host cities are some of the data that the tool can provide.

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