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Swimmers Train In The Pool of a Borrowed House For The Olympics

The Olympic Games have stories as curious as that of Katie Ledecky and Simone Manuel in their preparation for Tokyo 2020.

Katie Ledecky and Simone Manuel are 2 of the best swimmers in the world, and they have a date in Tokyo at the 2020 Olympics, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have not been able to train the way they should, that is why They found a way to practice, and it was in the pool of a house.

Both swimmers train regularly in the Stanford University pool, but since the facilities had to be closed at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, they had no place to train, and if we go back to March 2020, they had not yet postponed the Olympic Games.

So, at that time, the swimmers, even thinking that the Olympic Games were scheduled to take place on time, dedicated themselves to looking for a place to train and get to Tokyo 2020 in shape. Their solution was a man’s backyard, as you read it.

Greg Meehan, the coach of the coaches told Yahoo Sports: ” We were struggling to find water because the reality was that the tests were going to be in about 12, 13 weeks “, about the need for Ledecky and Manuel to train for the tests.

They asked a man for help, but not just any man. They asked Tod Spieker, a swimming legend in the United States, for help. Meehan, the coach, contacted Spieker and readily agreed to help the swimmers who were there for a couple of months.

How did Katie Ledecky and Simone Manuel do?

Katie Ledecky is one of the most successful swimmers and will not stop her search for more Olympic golds in Tokyo 2020, as she hopes to add another 5 medals at the Olympic Games in the categories: 200 meters, 400m, 800m and 1500m individual freestyle, in addition of the 800m freestyle in relays.

Ledecky holds the record for the most individual gold medals with 11 and overall gold medals at the World Aquatics Championships. For her part, Simone Manuel, is a young woman with a career on the rise, she debuted at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016.

2 gold medals and 2 silver were the results of Simone Manuel in her competitions. Gold in the 1oo meters freestyle and in the 4 × 100 meters medley, he also took silver in the 4 × 100 freestyle relays and in the 50 meters freestyle.

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