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They Don’t Call it ‘Money’ For Nothing! Floyd Mayweather Gave His Grandson a Gift of Several Thousand Dollars

Floyd Mayweather has so much money that even his own grandson wants to instill a taste for expensive watches, he gave him a Rolex.

Floyd Mayweather is one of the most successful athletes in history, his undefeated record supports him, and this has also made him earn a lot of money. Not for Nothing is his nickname ‘Money’, and it suits him well, because even his grandson already boasts of the luxurious gifts from Mayweather.

We all would like to be his grandson, not only because of the gift, but because we would already have life resolved, but only a small baby can give himself that and many more luxuries. Floyd Mayweather has never skimped on what he spends for himself, let alone his grandson.

Mayweather has a vast collection of watches in which he has spent a fortune, it is one of his main whims that he can give himself, and he wants to inherit this taste to the little one. That is why he gifted him his first gold Rolex set with diamonds.

What a detail! The watch he gave her has a cost between 50,000 and 100,000 euros; this without counting the diamonds that accompanied the gift. And it’s more than obvious, as Floyd proved to be an excellent

Floyd Mayweather watch collection

When you are Mayweather, few things in life are out of your reach, and if watches, expensive as they are, have a price … then it is affordable for Floyd Mayweather. The boxer has never been jealous with his collection, since he wastes no time displaying it on his social networks.

When I go on vacation for 30 days I take 30 watches, but you know how crazy this is, if I add 10 more days I take another 10 watches, ” Floyd commented in a video that he uploaded to his Instagram account showing his collection.

A particular watch stands out within the collection, The Billionaire by Jacob & Co, the most expensive in history. To all this, what is the price? This contraption is valued at 18 million dollars, and the skeleton is covered by 260 carats of emerald-cut diamonds.

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