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How, When, And Where To Watch The WWE Survivor Series Event?

November is coming and WWE fans know it’s Survivor Series time, although the event doesn’t bring as much excitement as it did years ago.

The month of November arrives, and all wrestling fans know that Survivor Series will have its event, although in this it does not have as much expectation as other years, and it also has its explanation.

WWE is experiencing an internal transition that, in a certain way, is affecting the product that they make available to people, that is, the quality and commitment that they put into events, drops too much due to some conflicts within the company.

Survivor Series, one of the great events of the company, is not safe from everything that has to do with the complicated situation that WWE is experiencing. With only a week in advance, some fights became official, taking away the excitement of the event.

Although the formula that has been used in Survivor Series was not changed for this 2021 and before making official some fights, we already knew that WWE was planning, because, for a few years, this event has been used to face SmackDown vs. Raw.

But the fact that inter-promotional fights – as WWE used to call them – gave them so little prominence, and only sent them that way, more to comply with Survivor Series, than because they actually have a plan, speaks of how bad it is. 

Survivor Series Billboard

As is customary in this event, the fights between SmackDown vs Raw take their place, almost leaving behind those classics and characteristics of this 5 vs 5 event. Now the champions face the champions and some more fights.

We will explain this better: The maximum champion of SmackDown faces the maximum champion of Raw. The female champion of the blue brand will be measured against the female champion of the red brand and thus with all the champions.

In addition, the classic 5 vs 5 fights have not been totally erased, because there will be team fights for both men and women.

Scheduled fights

  • Big E (Raw Champion) vs Roman Reigns (SmackDown Champion)
  • Becky Lynch (Champion the Raw) vs Charlotte Flair (Champion the SmackDown)
  • Damian Priest (Raw United States Champion) vs Shinsuke Nakamura (SmackDown Intercontinental Champion)
  • Randy Orton and Matt Riddle (Raw Tag Team Champions) vs The Usos (SmackDown Tag Team Champions)
  • Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Rey Mysterio, Kevin Owens y Bobby Lashley (Raw) vs Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy, King Woods, Happy Corbin
  • Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan, Carmella, Zelina Vega (Raw) vs Sasha Banks, Shayna Baszler, Shotzi, Natalya and a fighter to be announced (SmackDown)

Where to watch the Survivor Series event?

The Survivor Series event will be this Sunday, November 21, and the transmission will be provided by WWE Network, which will be the only way to tune in to the event. The transmission will start at 18:00 pm.

The cost of the WWE Network channel is 9.99 dollars to watch the SummerSlam exclusively. You can also enjoy the entire event on the Star Action channel, available on different pay television companies.

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