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What We Know About Cm Punk’s Possible Return To Wrestling

The rumors about a possible return of CM Punk to wrestling are more vital than ever, but it would not be to WWE but to the competition, AEW.

In the world of wrestling, there are few names that are almost immaculate for their importance within the industry, and one of them is CM Punk. Although he stopped belonging to a wrestling company in the world since 2014, it is rumored that this could end in 2021.

Every wrestling fanatic – no matter what company is your favorite – has dreamed of a CM Punk comeback, and there has been talk of so many times that WWE tried to bring him back, but hadn’t been able to get the Chicago native back.

CM Punk stayed away from wrestling, after his dismissal from WWE, he took a break and began to train 100% mixed martial arts, we remember that in his last appearances with WWE, he wore Gracie JiuJitsu jackets.

We saw CM Punk again, but not in a wrestling ring, but in an octagon of MMA and in the most famous of the sport. The UFC managed to sign the fighter, who had an unfortunate step in mixed martial arts with two losses.

This 2021 has been one full of surprises for wrestling, and the rumors about a return of CM Punk to wrestling continue to sound and gain more strength due to certain factors that could make this Friday, August 20, a historic day.

Wrestling Friday and a possible return of CM Punk

AEW is a wrestling company created by former WWE competitors like Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho and some other teammates like Kenny Omega and the Jackson brothers, better known as Young Bucks. And in case something was missing, the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars also helped create it.

Many WWE talents who have been fired ( here we recall some) have made the leap to AEW, claiming a better environment to work and a better creative control of their characters, making competition with WWE.

On Wednesdays, AEW has a weekly show, just like NXT had it, and we speak in the past tense because the audiences preferred to go with the option of Jericho and company. So, given the success, they decided that they would also have a show on Fridays.

We know that SmackDown airs on Fridays, and it is the best show in terms of WWE ratings, so AEW seeks to compete as equals and the best way to do it is to bring one of the great stars available and yes, we are talking about CM Punk.

There is nothing confirmed, but the fans dream of this possible return because CM Punk himself uploaded a story on his Instagram account with the date of August 20, 2021, also the AEW show is in Chicago, so the rumors are To the order of the day, although we insist, the return of Punk is not certain.

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