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WWE Brings Back The King Of The Ring Tournament: The 21 Winners Of The ‘King Of The Ring’

A piece of new news gave us the WWE, the King of the Ring tournament will return this October 8 during the SmackDown show.

Within the product called WWE, there were certain events that all people looked forward to year after year, that was King of the Ring, a tournament that crowned a fighter and gave him a chance for the maximum championship of the company.

For a long time, King of the Ring served WWE as an opportunity to give a “push” (which is to be a star in the shows) to new fighters who were beginning to stand out in the company or to crown some careers that deserved an award within the company.

Thanks to this tournament, WWE had the opportunity to create two of the biggest superstars in history, because by winning the tournament, they stood out until they did not stop, in fact, one of them could say that saved Vince McMahon from losing the “Monday Night” contest against WCW as Stone Cold.

The tournament is basically a series of direct elimination matches between wrestlers, and at the end, two of them play the possibility of being the new King of the Ring and fighting for the Universal Championship in the hands of Roman Reigns or the WWE Championship in the hands of Big E.

All King of the Ring champions

The tournament started in 1985 and although it has not been held distance every year until 2021, we have had some good outstanding champions. In total, 21 fighters have been King of the Ring, some have even been repeated as winners.

The participants are still unknown, and the King of the Ring will begin on October 8, in addition, it will be a fairly long tournament until a new King of the Ring is crowned in WWE.

KOTR Tournament Winners

1985 – Don Muraco

1986 – Harley Race

1987 – ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage

1988 – Ted DiBiase

1989 – Tito Santana

1991 – Bret Hart

1993 – Bret Hart

1994 – Owen Hart

1995 – Mabel

1996 – Stone Cold Steve Austin

1997 – Triple H

1998 – Ken Shamrock

1999 – Billy Gunn

2000 – Kurt Angle

2001 – Edge

2002 – Brock Lesnar

2006 – Booker T

2008 – William Regal

2010 – Sheamus

2015 – Bad News Barrett

2019 – Baron Corbin

WWE prepares a women’s tournament, called Queens Crown

Women have been taking WWE by storm for several years, it is not a coincidence that they have had a Royal Rumble and a couple of Wrestlemania events, which have been among the best in the history of the company, here we tell you about four fighters especially.

The growth of women’s wrestling in WWE continues to grow, and the tournament called “Queens Crown” will also begin on October 8, although like KOTR, the participants have not yet been announced. Ajale, but it will steal our breath because they always give quality fights.

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