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The history of the wonder woman costume worn by lynda Carter 

When you think about the mighty superheroine wonder woman from the DC comics, we are quite sure that the lasso and sword wielding, attired in revealing and short dresses in the colors of blue white and red, the israeli model, Gal Gadot, who had played the character in the recent films of the DCEU, superman vs batman dawn of justice and DC the justice league, but did you know that before gal gadot latte the role of the mighty amazon warrior, lynda Carter had been the one in the shoes of wonder woman, and her costume has quite a history behind it.  

The swap of the costume after season one

The first time we got to know about wonder woman it was back during the second world war through the comics, in the 70s, when the character was brought to the TV screens, her costume featured as a symbol of the united states, although this changed when the production was handed over to another network 

Cost Cutting for the show 

ABC had thought that they had spent enough money on the sets for the world war two and decide they cannot spare anymore money on the show, in the end ABC pulled their hands from it and it was given to CBS, they changed the setting to modern day and altered the costume of the heroine.

How did the bracelet got into the picture 

The creator of the character of the wonder woman, William martson, had decided that he would like to add a pair of bracelets to the character of wonder woman as a means of tribute to his former girlfriend and current wife 

The trouble with the swimwear for lynda Carter   

Donald Lee Feld had been the head designer of the costumes for the show, although despite his excellent with his other dresses he had made, he was unable to come with the idea of a bikini that would go for Lynda Carter 

Wetsuit replaces bikini

Since the production unit were unable to come with a swimsuit in the style of a bikini for the actress they decided to garb lynda Carter in a blue wetsuit, which made her look more of a mariner than a superheroine.

Keeping the weight in check

While Lynda carter had assumed the role of the mighty superheroine, she had to meet the extreme standards of fitness for the role which sometimes got very difficult for her, being slim and fit for the role of the warrior queen.

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